We Pay You 25% in Passive Income For EVERY Landed PPC Client You Refer!

PPC Referral Program Lady
Grow Your Revenue With Our Referral Program!

Earn 25% in Passive Income For 12 Months* For EVERY Landed PPC Client You Refer To Us!

We provide added valuable paid search marketing services for independent consultants and large agencies who are looking to offer their clients exceptional PPC solutions with our PPC Referral Program.


PPC Advertising is the single best way to generate quality leads online. With PPC (Pay-Per-Click advertising) we create and manage compelling ads that display on Google Search Network when people are searching for what our clients sell.


The objective of PPC is to generate targeted website traffic for our clients that converts into sales leads or online orders.


Simple and Easy Client Referral Process


Step 1 - Sign Up

Become a referral partner for Digital Star Media, LLC. It’s free to join! Once received, we’ll review your application within 48 hours and get in touch with you.


Step 2 - Refer Your Client to Us

Send your lead over to us or have your lead contacts us directly and mention your name so you get credit for the referral. We’ll contact your referral to bring them onboard.


Step 3 - We Pay You

When your referral signs up for our PPC management service and pay us for their campaign(s), we pay you 25% for 12 months for each qualified referred lead.

Partner Up!

Sign up to become our referring partner today. Our Referral Program is simple and transparent and creates a great opportunity for your company to generate more revenue without any additional work. There are no fees or commitment; in short, you refer leads to us and we reward you for it.

Our goal is to meet or exceed our client expectations on every level. When you refer a company, we will do all the work, keep you fully informed on our progress, and pay you a substantial commission if we are hired.

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